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6 or 12 Month

Game Improvement Programme


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Julian Mellor Golf School 

6 or 12 months

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Professional Golf instruction In Coventry 

Have you had golf lessons before and they haven't worked? International Coach Julian Mellor can promise you you'll have never experienced anything like Positive Impact Golf Coaching, the results are rapid and simply mind blowing. Julian tailors his Golf lessons to suit each individual player, to ensure they gain maximum benefit from the time spent with him. He keeps learning simple and uncomplicated and promises not to confuse any golfer by being too technical. 

Its easy to book a lesson and you don't have to be a member of Stoneleigh Deer Park to take them.

Positive Impact Golf

A unique coaching philosophy that helps golfers of all ages to improve their golf swings and ENJOY this wonderful game of golf! Positive Impact Golf develops a more relaxed, natural & effective swing. To view the easiest swing in golf click on the following link  it features Brian Sparks the founder of Positive Impact Golf Coaching.



PGA Professional & Positive Impact Golf Coach, Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club, Golf Lessons, Coventry

Have you ever imagined how good your game would be if you had your own coach, just like the professionals do? 

well here's your chance to find out! Julian Mellor is offering a limited number of keen amateur golfers the opportunity to embark on a 6 or 12 month improvement programme, which will provide professional and 1 to 1 coaching, support and mentoring and be tailored towards improving the all round game of each individual.