Julian Mellor Golf School   " Senior Golf Specialist" Golf Lessons​
​Based  @ Ardencote  Hotel & Golf nr Warwick  CV35 8LT   Nr  to Birmingham Airport 

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We have a great saying, We retain the complexity and pass on the simplicity, the golf swing doesn't t have to be complicated, come and discover your natural swing

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Hitting the ball the best you ever have within Minutes... YES Minutes

"After only 20 minutes with Julian I was hitting my 5 iron sweet, previously  left it in the bag - Carol"

Its a total U-Turn on traditional teaching and I promise you'll never look back...

Seasoned Golfers & Senior Golf Specialist

These 1-Day courses focus on you learning something of significant benefit to help you achieve a more enjoyable game.

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"Christmas Gift 

​Vouchers Available upon Request"

Have you discovered the Easiest Swing in Golf?

Let’s help you find your best swing, Senior Golf Specialist -  Golf Lessons made easy

"Hi Julian, Took your advice with putting stroke smooth as i can putting a lot better Thanks. Also i have watched every video on Positive  impact golf I am doing the drill every day over and over. My swing is so much smoother my follow thru has never been better and  the tension is creeping out of my swing. Ive been hitting the range and i feel great about your system. I'm going to say it. This is it for me I will continue to play this way from now on. Today I played a very difficult course here in palm beach fl and shot an 82 had 3 birdies and hit some of the best shots I’ve ever hit. Never played this course better . I'm a believer and you guys are posting those videos and asking for nothing. Thank you very much for your help. Boy if the word gets out to the general golf population you will turn Professional golf instruction on its ear. You have simplified the swing like no one else its amazing. Warmest Regards Fred Falcone"

1 Day Course

Our Methodology is ideal for complete beginners, come discover a Simple to Understand, effortless relaxed
Golf swing

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Discover... The 3 Deadly Don'ts that are holding your game hostage.

"I now live in Hong Kong, but still wouldn't trust my swing with any other Pro, that's why I travel back twice a year to see Julian -Tim"

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? are you confused by the different methodologies you've come across on YouTube? Feeling tied up in knots with swing thoughts? Let Julian release you from the Golf swing Chains..