Together with Julian's Partner Jo Cameron BBC Radio Presenter and Leadership Development Specialist they have joined forces to deliver a worlds first Golf inspired Leadership training programme, Golf, just like business is a game of mind. Navigating the difficult landscape of a golf course with its changing terrain and its erratic climate is just like running a business or guiding a team during the ups and downs of the business world. Getting a small white ball into a hole can sometimes be as frustrating as trying to get your vision to become a reality. Dealing with hazards on the golf course is a tricky as making some of the most important business decisions we know you have to deal with on a day to day basis. By inserting activities based around the golf course into  learning programmes, it makes the learning more real and powerful.


Professional golf instruction in Coventry

Professional Golf instruction In Coventry


What is Positive Impact Golf? by Warwickshires most watched Professional on YouTube with 500 views every day and Brian Sparks founder of Positive Impact Golf

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What are the 6 Principles?

Easiest Swing In Golf

 Golf Inspired Leadership Programmes

My Thoughts about the way the golf swing is being taught, for more years than i care to mention i taught the Golf swing in a Complex way,I truly believed that was the correct thing to do, That was until i met up with Brian Sparks, he convinced me that the vast majority of Golfer were 50 years old plus and they can't swing the same are younger more supple golfers. Physical limitations play a big part and getting golfers into unnatural positions can never work consistently. Thankfully i Qualified as a Positive Impact Golf Coach after a whole year of re training and now i can say that Position coaching has gone out of the window, i work with individuals abilities and bring out their natural swing not a manufactured one fits all swing. If this resonates with you please contact me, i'll happily have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have, if you are struggling coming to terms with modern swings and want to learn a simple more natural one then lets get started today.

Remember Positive Impact Golf Coaches retain the complexity and pass on the Simplicity.

Happy Golfing.

The Easiest Swing in Golf is transforming the way Golfers are playing, it's based around 6 PRINCIPLES and 3 DEADLY DONT'S under pinned by a reduction of TENSION allowing your NATURAL swing to shine through.

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One of only four coaches in the world who coaches Positive Impact Golf methodology