Julian Mellor Golf School   " Senior Golf Specialist" Golf Lessons​
​Based  @ Ardencote  Hotel & Golf nr Warwick  CV35 8LT   Nr  to Birmingham Airport 

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Then Maybe Julian has the answer for you!!  how about online coaching?

It's simple to do and you need very little technical know how, all you will need is access to a video recorder which most mobile phones have on them and an E Mail address.

Once purchased Julian will send you a Questionnaire to fill in and a link to a free App called HUDL with a PDF which will fully explain how to use it, you'll then be asked to video your swing from two angles and send it to his email address, upon receipt of this Julian will then send you a review of your swing.

Remember these video and email exchanges are unlimited over the 60 day period to make sure you fully understand the methodology, he will answer any questions you  have about your swing and golf game. We believe you'll find this to be amazing value, with the added bonus of being able to review the information Julian has sent you for years to come. 

​This is one purchase you'll never regret and comes in at half the Price of that NEW driver you were going to buy.


Unlimited email and video exchanges over the period of 60 days... 


Do you struggle to find time to fit in a lesson? 

Are you struggling to find a Positive Impact Golf Coach near you? 

Let's help you break free of complex swing thoughts, do away with Technical thinking and bring out your Natural Golf Swing !!