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See what folk are saying about Julian and the easiest swing in golf.. 

Just for the record, I’m a 3 handicap, 62 years old, hit an 8 iron 160 yards as example. Its OK to tell me that La Dance du Golf will require easier swing and take one more club?

Hi Julian,Thanks for a super course last week,the difference is staggering,when I get over the shock of my recent rounds(5) I will write in detail,suffice to say I have not shot above 84 in all the rounds and not below 77 OMG - Ralph Ince

From Paul who sent Julian 8 key points he took away from a course , With these points and much more I took away from the day I played today with my 2 regular golf buddies who both noticed the easy rhythm to my swing and the chipping motion as I up to now have always relied on my lob wedge for most round the green shots , not anymore it's a lot easier to get the ball running ! . The most amazing thing for me today was not just the score 86 but the easiness of the game and the enjoyment from playing the positive impact way . Like many over time I have brought many of the " instruction" books with all the technical moves , not any more these are off to the charity shop on Monday ! Once again thank you very much ,will continue to enjoy your videos on you tube All the best , yours truly Paul Master

You can allude to me in your videos as a senior golfer in Palm Springs Ca who has been retired for 16 years and has spent a 1/4 million dollars on lessons from the best teachers from around the world.

I just Love this my swing now I've adopted your method -Chip from USA

The Improvement in both performance and enjoyment of the game has been astounding and Julian's recent YouTube videos have provided the missing link!
Mike Belson

Having had the disability of twisting my body and hips all of my life, it felt quite strange to swing as suggested. However, I have been practising your advice and am sure that I will be able to generate more movement than I believed I had.
Laruie Day

Its changed my life, I love Golf Again, thank you so much,  

Hi Julian, I can't wait for the spring to arrive after winter coaching from Julian Mellor! Yesterday in Practice over 8 Holes, I had 1 gross Birdie, 3 gross pars and the rest net pars, 21 points on my handicap 19... ALL thanks to Julian and his amazing coaching skills. He makes you swing Properly, chip smoothly and think differently , Seriously Special. 
Thank you so much Rob Sherwood.

I'm definitely taking a new approach to golf, Now, I've not had a driver in my hands for about four months as I was slicing it so much and not hit one straight in years, I took a swing and it went straight like an arrow over 200 yards! Jonathan Olsworthy

That is really a big change for me to work on! it sure makes sense and you look really good with that swing, so easy and relaxed! I did play nine holes and tried those changes with the result bring two birdies and three pars which is really good for me. I'm not sure what I looked like but hope to get it on video soon so you can see. Thanks Again for the coaching points, just what the doctor ordered!   Jim USA On line student.

I've found my love of the game again, Andy

Julian has reminded me that Golf doesn't have to be complicated, Sir John

My Golf improved each day as I learned and put into practice the new thoughts you introduced each day, My confidence grew Daily and by the end of the weeks Coaching in Monticastillio I was even getting a little bit Cocky. I Know i was a bit of a range rat but it was truly exciting to see the quality of my strikes improving, and i was getting more consistent as i hit more balls, hence my reluctance to leave the Practice area.
The fact that the same swing thoughts works for all shots from Lob Wedge, bunker play, irons and Driver made it easy to adopt your principles and ingrain them. My ambition to get to single figures and at 67 years old I was worried I would not make it, now im confident I will. 
Thanks for a splendid week 
Cyril Scott.

For Hundreds more comments have a look on any of Julian's videos on Youtube all under "Easiest Swing in Golf"

Your dream, Julian's Passion

Don’t trust your golf game to just any Pro. Julian promises that if you don't enjoy the lessons and your golf doesn't become easier and more fun he will give you your money back ..Guaranteed .